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KENCHIKUCHISHIKI is a well-established architectural technology magazine well-known in Japan One magazine is exceptional in its long history. This issue they published quite unusual content and It is a magazine focusing on cats. Descriptions of module of kitties, various cats’ viewpoints such as cat module consideration are interesting.  Available bookstore in Japan. From the architectural knowledge web below:

Cat Encyclopedia

A mysterious cat. An elegant appearance that attracts the heart of people, Independent mind and intelligence not flattering to people – Due to its personality, the history of cats is full of turbulence.
To the Abyssinian of a supple body that was born in ancient Egypt, Russian Blue stands out with high intelligence and silver-blue coat. Scottish fold where loose ears are lovely to beautiful Balineseise with elegance and long coat. More than 50 species of cats The stories hidden in their respective history, even to be sensual Introduce with beautiful photos.
Even in brilliant days in ancient Egypt, even in the medieval times where epidemics prevailed, Even on the day when I landed in the United States at the end of the voyage of life, Cats had a variety of roles. Cats hired by museums, cats loved by artists and politicians, There is no doubt as to an episode that inherits the deep ties between a cat and a human being as much as a dog. This book explains how a daughter cat throws out the wild and lives in a warm family I solved what I got, and I also rated the cat at the cat show, It also focuses on contemporary history of planned breeding. Following the history of a cat that continues to be a mysterious existence while being familiar, A book that was also fulfilling as a reading.