First-class architect vignette in Japan

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Yesterday it was a date for  first class architects vignette test in Japan!
Now it has changed since I received and now there seems to be quite a few items described in the paper thesis.
The American exam challenges the exam by remembering the operation method of a special CAD program
Drafting is bundled in all 7 subjects out of 7 subjects, the time constraint is about 1, 2 hours average time.
Just a cut is somewhat different and puzzle-like elements are extremely few.
It is assessed first whether regulations and roof gradient or height setting and after satisfy the request properly.
Especially in a hurry the important request leaked and it is impossible to draft as soon as it is out so that the selection problem in the first half is perfect even in full marks.
Such drafting exam will also shift to the shift of retirement from the new version from November next time
Will it be time to retire Japanese drawing …? It is!