Unique apartment houses designed in the world


Mystery Wonder …
Apartment complex that seems to be overwhelmed just by being too beautiful.

Avita 67 housing complex

I would like to see it once in my life that I gathered apartment houses and condominiums of near future design that was in the world.

Avita 67 is a multi-family residential building on Marquedroe’s quay of Saint

Laurent River, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
It was used as a temporary lodging house of high-ranking officials who were built as part of the Montreal World Exposition in 1967 and visited Monreal during the exhibition, but now they are purchased by residents and become privately owned collective residences That’s right.
It is a 12-story apartment complex with stacked concrete blocks called modules. It is said that it was scheduled to have 158 houses initially, making up 1 household with several blocks, but to coincide with 146 houses.
Walden 7 http://en.wikipedia.org/


designed by the local Barcelona architect Ricardo Bofil known for designing the National Theater of Catalonia, Barcelona Airport is a strange shaped apartment in the outskirts of Barcelona.
A super huge apartment consisting of 18 towers and 446 households living.


Green Fort / Die Grüne Zitadelle von Magdeburg

Grüne Zitadelle (Hunderwasser)



It is a rental housing located in the center of Germany. It is a complex with offices, shops, cafes, kindergartens, medical facilities and art hotels.
It is the last building of the famous Australian painter and architect Hundert Wasser.
Innovative colors and designs in a moderately curved building will attract viewers.


Chesa · Futura

Apartment designed by Norman Foster, a well-known architect British pride. “Cesa · Futura” means “Museum of the future”.
Apartment complex in Switzerland. While designing with the latest computer technology. Traditional building techniques are used, such as covering the roof with copper and using local wood chips.



VM House

VM House is an apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark, literally being designed with concepts of V and M as its concept. It features a balcony which jumped like a hedgehog’s thorn.


Cube house / Rotterdam Kubuswoningen

A cube house that is a landmark in the heart of Rotterdam, the city’s prime port city. It is a residential complex composed of 40 cubical buildings inclined 45 degrees and downwards, and is known worldwide by its unique design.

It is a work of the 1980s by Dutch architect Piet Brom, but it is still mainly used as an individual residence.

















Turning torso





















Sweden’s turning torrent built in 2005
It is a 54-story high-rise apartment. “Turning torso” means “twisted torso”, but as its name suggests, the building itself has a twisted shape, the top floor of a 190 m high-rise building is twisted at an angle of 90 ° from the ground ing.

8 House housing

The site is located in southern Olestad along the Copenhagen Canal in Denmark. The building literally draws a figure shape of “8”, the south side corner part cuts in a slope shape, and wind and light are attracted to the courtyard.


The building is a top-ranking super high rise apartment in Singapore. The building which is built on the site of 45 acres is a luxury apartment with a total floor space of about 185,000 m 2, 1,129 houses.
It consists of 6 high-rise apartments from 24 stories to 41 stories and 11 low-rise apartments. On the roof of each high rise apartment, a lush garden is spreading, surrounded by a pointed frame to point to the sky.

Luxury apartment where blocks in Singapore were piled up like honeycombs. 170,000 square meters, a huge building built on the site of about 4 Tokyo Dome.

It is a partner of the global architectural group OMA, designed by a handsome