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Let’s talk about study study today.
Currently there are 7 subjects (version 4) for the American architects’ current exams, and 6 subjects except one subject have a selection problem (5 choices) and a drawing test. This current version 4, but I will retire in 2018 actually. The version of the new 5 will be redesigned and the test will be totally different. Moreover
<Drawing disappears>
Strictly speaking, it seems that there is a plan to add a new question form which drops in elements on the drawing as it changes or how to hear it changes. Just to anticipate, it seems that it is aiming to break away from a model that rely on memory, as it is consistent with the basic question of content knowledge and minimum experience and judgment. Although this new test is partially disclosed, it is not yet possible to tell a lot of uncertainties. From the end of the year end this November 1, 2016 this new version will be enforced, will be performed in 2018 until a mixed version of the two versions of the test. So it is imagined that people who have not finished halfway now are supposed to be fairly enthusiastic every day so that they will not be accepted in the new version.
Well, as mentioned above, I am mixing various things, but as reading, I think that various reference books that exist today are urged to read from NCARB in common, so I recommend purchasing if possible .
From the handbook on the right here is a recommended list of reference books after 164 pages.
Honestly The list of reference books of this version 5 has changed a lot.
There is advice as one experienced person.
<< What reference books and books are not perfect at all >>
So I first fought quite a bit.
So I recommend that it is more appropriate to read as much information as possible in a fairly large amount.
By the way, the picture below is the amount of measures taken by one subject when I was studying for the exam. It is quite a lot.
30 – 40 cm will get out when stacking up. Just do not be surprised. Half of these books are common to each subject.
One of the characteristics of this exam is that there are many places where each subject overlaps considerably. So it is highly probable that it will probably fall if you take one course only. It is best to move in parallel for about three subjects.
Hot topics on reference books and detailed exam measures regarding version 4 are as follows.
Here you can hear the live voice of those studying in the USA for each subject
Although quite a lot of contents are covered, unfortunately we are not yet dealing with Version 5.
I think that it is good to see it because detailed measures measures of reference book are also described.
Search for NCARB with GOOGE + and ARE 4 and 5 are registered as accounts respectively.
Drafting is the centerpiece in this site. There are few interactions with the selection problem, but the only thing is that the staff of NCARB advises us.