Well here is the actual preparation! (Non-resident version of the United States Part 1)

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It is different from those of the above-mentioned American residents, and everyone is under a very difficult situation, but also made a considerable decision. I am actually one of this category. That is why I strongly want to support you.
I think that I have also told you in the outline, but there are over 200 ways to pass this exam qualification. There is a high possibility that it is difficult in the correct way if you are in the current situation where you are located. Let’s organize it for some reason
1 You are probably graduating from a college outside the US
2 You probably never worked in the United States or only for a short period
This one and two will be a big neck.
What is the neck of 1?
The number of schools in the United States has as many stars as possible. Just university is business Do you know that there are accredited universities and uncertified universities before a bad college? This is called ACCREDIATED SCHOOL in English. Among them, the qualities of the architect and cumber are only those universities accepted by NAAB specialized assessment agencies. Other universities and junior colleges are closer to being honestly different from overseas universities including Japan so much. (Story on the assessment of the exam to the last) If it says what it becomes then extreme story You are so tight that you can put up a high school graduate saying a label that could break. I am also in this category.
My college is a Japanese university with undergraduate degree. So it suffered very much. (Actually, the problem of this part is not solved even now) But I became a licensed newsleton Where was that trick? There is. So do not worry about the way. This is a condition that can be solved. Let’s talk later.
2 neck
I think that this is the part I’m talking about again before. That is, it is the wall of item 4 above. If this part can be solved the 1 neck blows off. So I think how you realized how important the fourth wall is.
I think whether you can understand what is mentioned above in the above for the sharp one.