Well here is the actual preparation! (American Resident Version)

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By the way, I think that various walls mentioned above are also grasped by themselves, and these articles are read by each thought. Or, I think that you are thinking of acquiring this qualification with those who are studying abroad in the United States or who are employed.
Let’s write the first step to those who are living in the United States this time as those who are living in Japan or third countries will be listed at a later date.
I think these people are very easy to acquire and they are easy. Because it is blessed with various parts. First of all, since this exam is qualified to qualify for the purpose of engaging in domestic architectural design work in the US, it is natural, but please let me dare say it. I think that it is really easier than those overseas. So we recommend you to obtain the time before leaving America without preselecting that time now.
Let me highlight it from the priority order.
The best decision is to satisfy earlier the years of experience in the biggest wall 4 of the other day. The possibility that it can acquire at a stretch when going out of the country only this is lowered.
Well, I will go into concrete recommendations. We will inform you in case.
<So-called student people of GRADUATE / UNDERGRADUATE>
I think that I am very busy with my current academic year. I think whether it is necessary to panic. Please concentrate on your project for class. As you probably know, this years of experience is calculated for the first time under the guidance of a license qualified person after obtaining a diploma. Therefore, please note that so-called internship periods that are accepted as units in schools are not counted even if they are full time.
<Those already graduated>
Whether you are graduating from an American university or not, you are a social worker who has already left school, so if you want to acquire this qualification, we strongly encourage employment in some way. I think that there are rules such as part reduction and full time reduction, but please start calculating the number of years of experience that you think is almost impossible to acquire now as soon as possible. You can take the test measures slowly.
To create NACRB’s account at the same time you graduate from university (strictly when you start working in a company that first works after you graduate). This can be created at www.ncarb.org anytime higher than high school students. However, even if you make it before graduation for the reasons above, you can just take money, so you can do it at the same time you graduate. Other than that it is the same as below.
<Registration of experience years>
The number of years of experience AXP (former IDP) has been steadily changing in institution and I am also honest I can not grasp the recently changed AXP system so much. However, since the system is the same, I will talk about it in the general theory of IDP. It is because why I would like to register my experienced life early is because it is quite different from that in Japan. To be honest it is very tough. Strictly speaking, it is getting more and more strict. Perhaps I think that it was a stylish self-application as easily as the description of the years of experience in Japan now. Now it is different.
I think that it is about two years strong, I have to credit 3740 hours. Half of them, 1860 hours, is a requirement that you must legally work in an architectural office under an American architect.
There is a throb 6 month rule and it is a point that I have to apply every six months. In other words, it is a fact that I can not credit the experience experience dating more than 6 months (strictly 8 months), which is a 50% reduction. So work in the US = Always be sure to burn the application to record your credits.
We can deal with it slowly if we can do it well.
Additional notes:
Let’s introduce the actual first step at a later date