Five walls that must be overcome for an Architect in USA  ≪3/5≫

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Well, what is the third wall?
Needless to say, it is <time>.
Even this time may be misunderstood. I think there are both good and bad things.
Shall I talk first about good things?
The Japanese first-class architect exams only once a year, does the second exam only once? In other words, it is a story of next year when it falls. This is a considerable burden. Everyone, as most people work together, they are prepared and prepared for testing, and each examination day is done at the same time to everyone without any doubt as to each individual circumstance. I think that it can be said that it is a very old system because there is absolutely certain circumstances of each.
Well, on the other hand, what is America like?
You can get it anytime!
If you book anytime, the test is prepared just for you.
Because it is very convenient, only to reserve according to each circumstances. It is a system that is easy to balance with work. A penalty will be imposed if it drops once, but it will be received within a half year, although it can not be received for a certain period. (Up to the same subject three times) so you can arrange to prepare another department and receive it when falling.
Well, back to the story, there are 7 subjects in the current version 4. In other words, since I think that it is better to prepare approximately 3 and 4 months for each subject, if it goes to receiving one subject every month, it is said that it takes about 30 months or less from 21 months, that is, it takes about 3 years to add a retest That’s it. PASSRATE of each department, success rate is sixty percent. Since it is Japanese it is overseas exam so there are some hurdles and it is realistic to see it for about 3 years.
Actually, this is not the only problem. It is an assessment of the years of experience of this qualification. Currently in many states, it is permitted to parallel the examination period of the years of experience and the examination of the examination. Since it is common that the number of years varies depending on the background of each university etc of you, it can not be said unconditionally, but I think whether there are more in 2 or 3 years.
However, assessment of this years of experience was very complicated and complicated by the week, and I had to make a big mistake in order, I had trouble twice and accompanied great expenses. It took me about ten years to actually get it after actually thinking about taking this qualification. So I strongly believe that people who are reading this blog do not want to make similar mistakes. If you have a will to try it please do it by all means if you judge it after understanding this qualification even a little even with it as this blog as well.