About the interesting architect’s seal impression in America

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Today a little relaxing story.
Japanese first-class architects push seal of management architect with personal seal at the time of drawing, but let’s talk about America. According to the management of each company in the US, until the imprint of the seal of the appointed nominal architect, it is the same as Japan, but the seal is not free.
The format of the seal is stipulated in various provinces. It is interesting that all the designs are different.
Let’s see what it’s like11.PNG
When it searches, it will come out as such with such feeling (there are things not related to several but please understand)
It’s really different
First of all, it is a New York state architect
It is the same as the state flag EXCELSTOR It seems to mean further improvement but it is a font and two emblems emblem. The left is the local Indians who originally lived, right seems to show settlers, so it seems to me that they are friends and meaning unity. Design that seems pretty American.



fq.GIFSubsequently The seal of Pennsylvania is a funny design like a magic oil on a thing like a cylinder.
Followed by Tennessee

Here somehow I understand the ship below but emblem like a mushroom on the top! Is it?
Washington state is contemporary. It is very contemporary in design which imitated the perhaps shape of the state where the seal is not a circle.
Since I became interested in seeing the other seal of this state, the landscape mark here is a dish!
Very cute tree pattern. I want to make a seal of a company is cute.
With such a situation, there are characteristics of each state prefecture.
Please try making a personal seal as soon as you acquire it in the future!