Our Staff in Shanghai has been visit recently the brand new completed project which is allocated in river side water front area called south band in Shanghai. This project covered nearly 420K sqm and served commercial and office tenants which designed by the world-famous architecture firm called Foster + Partners and collaborated with the designer Thomas Heatherwick.

Majority design of this complex project are treated simple composite Boxy extruded shape toward great river view to the heart of the city of Shanghai, called Huang Pu river where is quite popular city scape for citizen and travers especially as illumination in night time with old historical buildings.

Site was originally consisted with small and super tight and complex residential apartments.

These are still covering the huge area in the western part of this development zone at present. However, the wave and speed of development in China is awfully soon, starting this project, it will be a matter of time that these are demolished and become new areas.

The low-rise building located in the center of this project is called The art and culture center, and it is said that it will be performed mainly in Chinese traditional arts. The shape is a very distinctive facade, and its aspect is characterized by architecture with movement that changes every moment with time.

All this project including this building is covered with gold-color-based surface which is not found in Norman Foster’s architecture, and glowingly decorated metal decoration is given everywhere.

Moreover, the wall of the stone used more than it is slightly uneven on the surface, and according to what I listen it is all processed by the handmade processing of the mason, not the machine It is a surprise to this age Deserve.In fact I was particular about the details, but in fact the most surprising thing was not the architecture but ironically it was the shape of the exhaust opening grating. It was frank for the first time to see the exhaust outlet of this elaborate detail.

In the premises, a seven-star hotel already operated by its own company, which is also a Chinese huge enterprise WANDA (a company that has recovered American film companies and is also famous as a major developer of China) has already opened doing.

The interior decoration is very heavy and the likes and dislikes of design may be due to people, but the details and details are decorated with considerable insight. According to what I hear it means that it is fully booked every day. JIUSHI Building, a past work by NORMAN FOSTER, is also a 1-minute walk away from the site, which can be said as a showcase of his work.

The east-west waterfront of Huan Pu river are full of projects designed by architects all over the world including the skyscrapers and still on going to expand to develop, and it can be said that it is a place where people who are interested in architecture can not be exhausted.