Gentaro Ishizuka

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Born in Tokyo in 1977, While using a large film camera such as 8 × 10, he raises his own image against a topical theme, crossing between documentary and art. In recent years, I also photographed original landscapes mainly in polar regions such as Alaska and Iceland as motifs such as glaciers, pipelines and gold rush. 2004 Japan Photography Association Award New Award Winner.

2011 Agency for Cultural Affairs Overseas Artist Dispatch. In early culmination photo collection “PIPELINE ICELAND / ALASKA” (Kodansha) in 2014, received Higashi Kawa Photograph New Artist Award. In addition, he won the Grand Prix at Steidl Book Award Japan in 2016, and will publish a new work “GOLD RUSH ALASKA” from Steidl, Germany in the autumn of 2017.

Gentaro Ishizuka Exhibition «panorama»


Panoramic painting entertainment which was popular in Europe earlier in the nineteenth century before the picture was invented. There, scenic motifs such as the seaside and the plateau were drawn as precise landscape paintings and invited people to somewhere “not here” for a while. In general, we will develop Alaska’s Arctic Circle, which can be said to be an unexplored area, and the enormous walls of glaciers floating in the ocean, into a “fictitious” panoramic picture of today’s fine digital images. In such a space, could we be able to dream of the innocent imagination of those who did not yet know the picture?

At the spiral entrance shop MINA-TO (Minato), we will exhibit and sell “N / P”, a motif of everyday landscapes and related books, including “PIPELINE” series, one of the masterpieces of Masayoshi Ishizuka. We also advance sales of collaboration wear using “PIPELINE ALASKA 2000” which is released from conditioning wear brand “CW – X” in spring this year.