Engaged by QIC to reinvent “fresh food” in Australia Landini Associates created a “city of food”, transforming a mono-floored hall into a two story buzz of “manufacturers that sell” and “retailers that make”. Our scope included the visioning, naming and branding, signage, packaging and uniforms as well as the master planning, interior design, guidelines too.

The Vision
A swirling mix of food court, hall and factory, under one roof and one brand: “The Kitchens”. A cultural destination, morning, noon and night (9am to midnight daily), a true town centre – a place to shop, meet, eat and watch the world go by.

The Kitchens is a busy market place crammed full of fresh food being produced and sold by retailers and specialists, growers, chefs, local artisans and manufacturers who are passionate about their food and produce. It’s a place where you can watch food being made and manufactured, learn tips and tricks from the experts, taste specialties and eat great simple food made right in front of you using the freshest ingredients.

It’s a place for everyone and everyone’s place. It’s about simple things done really well. Real food, for real people, in real time; a community inspired by food and society.

Landini Associates are a team of designers and strategic thinkers from around the world, based in Sydney. Our work tends to be multi-skilled so we practice strategy, architecture, interior, graphic, product, furniture and digital design. Most of our projects engage all of these disciplines and currently we are working in Australia, North America, the UK, Korea, the UAE and Singapore.

Landini Associates was established in 1993 by Mark and Rikki Landini. Mark was previously Creative Director of the Conran Design Group and Fitch RS and Rikki worked in Corporate Planning and PR. We haven’t changed much since we started; retaining a desire to do world class, simple yet effective work that lasts. We are interested in the classic over the fashionable, as many of our projects have a longevity that exceeds the market norm.

Our clients are decision makers in customer facing businesses, retail, hospitality or related fields such as property development or a service industry. Our work is always strategically driven but creatively led and we are equally at ease inventing new brands as we are evolving and redefining existing ones.

Most of these clients find us by ‘word of mouth’ via the recommendation of a peer, often someone we have previously worked with.

We don’t use a formula. Each project is approached in a way that best suits its needs, sometimes research led, other times through experiment. We are neither right nor left brained but favour lateral thought and intuition, post rationalised by a rigid logic. We speak simple English, hate jargon and are compelled to ask the dumb questions that others avoid. We are equally at home with the development of a ‘big idea’ as we are with interpreting existing strategies.

We work primarily in retail and hospitality design but also on larger scale projects with developers, often involved in the positioning and master planning of new retail and leisure precincts, offices and cultural facilities. In retail we work in food and fashion, skin care and cosmetics, professional and financial services and telecommunications. In hospitality we work with both large and small businesses designing hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, food courts and food halls.

Much of our graphic design is integrated with the built environment and covers everything from naming, identity, way finding, signage, in-store communications, tone of voice, product development, packaging and printed material. In most instances we design everything that customers engage with from the clothing that associates wear, the information read before they purchase, the bags they carry home and the websites viewed.

The growth of the internet and the online environment has radically reinvented the way we live and the services we are offered. Disruptive businesses such as UBER, Air BnB, Netflix and Amazon are now the norm in a world where ‘the norm’ is constantly being reinvented. We believe this needs to happen offline too, and so throughout all our projects we strive to “Reinvent Normal”.

This is a process by which everything is challenged, broken down and if needs be discarded. What results is the reinvention of the vernacular of any category that we are working in.

None of this is relevant if it doesn’t work commercially but we have found that it does. Challenge the norm, invent something new and memorable and you’ve “Reinvented Normal”.