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Hyogo, Japan based firm KTX create new project.

New construction plan of dispensing pharmacy adjacent to general hospital. When designing the commercial environment, “What kind of process will the facility be selected by consumers?” It is the starting point of design to read and understand this. Except for the geographical requirement, what kind of pharmacy is selected from a number of pharmacies, the answer lies ahead of the consideration of what the consumer is asking for dispensing pharmacies.
The purpose of visiting dispensing pharmacy is to buy medicine, consumers visit the pharmacy seeking “healing” for diseases and injuries. “Healing” is a keyword frequently talked about in the design of medical institutions, and is likely to tend to suggest suggestions that make use of nature such as placing plantings indoors and using trees on the walls. However, we recognize that “healing” that people are seeking medical care is the one behind the originally different vectors. For people coming to buy medicine suffering from illness literally “heals the body”, what is important is expectation for medicine. Safety born from confidence in medicine prescribed in this prescription pharmacy will be expected value for cure, leading to “healing” in the patient’s subconscious mind.
For example, it is that medicine prescribed at a very ordinary pharmacy and medicine prescribed from a state-of-the-art laboratory are more likely to work. “Sickness is anxious”, but the psychology that “exactly” feels like it affects the patient’s subconscious mind. Therefore, in this project, we advanced the design with the concept of “advanced advanced medical care” as the concept.
We have also proposed a process of providing pharmaceutical products. The conventional prescription pharmacy hands the prescription to the receptionist at the reception, the pharmacist dispenses, calls the customer to the counter and hands the medicine along with the explanation. However, the majority of those who come here come from adjacent hospitals. In consideration of the physical condition of the patient here, the staff moved to the patient waiting while sitting in the seat and proposed an operation to explain the medicine. The difference in minor operation gives the image that the subconscious mind of the patient is “different from other pharmacies”.