Edoardo Tresoldi


Edoardo Tresoldi was born in Italy in 1987. He grew up in Milan, where at the age of 9 he started to take lessons from painter and illustrator Mario Straforini, who gave him the pleasure of experimenting different artistic languages ​​and techniques.

After his studies at the Monza Art Institute, he moved to work in different work creative areas: cinema, music, scenography and sculpture, which gave him a heterogeneous vision of arts.

Since 2013, he practice space interventions, focusing his research on genius loci and the study of landscape elements.

Speaking of traveling abroad, people think that what they prioritize during traveling, such as gourmet, shopping, and town walking, is different for each person. Many people would like to see art and historical buildings born in the land. Such art lovers, those who love buildings must see must-see “ancient buildings reborn by contemporary art” appeared in Italy. It was a somewhat 28-year-old up and coming artist who worked on ‘reconstruction’ of an Italian old church by artistic talent.

Existing valuable building “Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral”
The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore is a cathedral of the Catholic church in Rome, Italy, whose completion dates back to 1177.

In the basement which seemed to have existed since the 6th century, the relics of Laurence of Siponto which was then the patron saint of the city Manfredonia in southern Italy are sleeping.

Also, the name of the cathedral is “a church that is particularly important in the world’s cathedral, it is exactly a mother church” and “a cathedral that shows the reverence to the Virgin Mary, which has been respected since ancient times in the Catholic faith It seems that there are two meanings.
Although it is such a historical church, due to the earthquake occurred in the 13th century, the structure of the front has already been destroyed, and the portrait of the Virgin Mary decorated on the wall was burned down at that time, unfortunately.

But this spring, Mr. Edoardo Tresoldi, an artist who works based in Milan, managed to revive its full appearance.

This super masterpiece, which he collaborated with Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Archaeology Superintendence of Puglia and Cobar SpA making full use of “wire gauze” is a result of careful research over many months, It is a product of architecture that lasts for months.

This is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore that was rebuilt by Tresoldi.
Mr. Tresoldi and his crew worked out to make church parts separately like a puzzle and finally join it.

The finished work weighs as much as 7 tons and it costs 4 million dollars (about 400 million yen in the Japanese yen) because the cost of this work using zinc iron wire welded with electricity of 4,500 meters is surprising is.
It seems like an enormous investment, but this work seems to be exhibited for a long time as “a product reminiscent of the former church figure”.
“I like to design space,” Tresoldi’s amazing talent
It is Tresoldi who became a person at the breakthrough time with this work, but he has worked on many wonderful works so far.
“In this” building “, feel the wind and listen to the sound of the outdoors.
In other words, even if you are inside the building, “outside” does not exist “he will introduce the works he has worked on so far.